Physics features

The application uses an home-made physics engine, based on fluid and particle simulation. It models reactions to flow, gravity, friction, collisions, explosions...
All the environment is dynamic and can be affected by lava flow, impacts, water, erosion...

Lava flow

Flowing algorithm for AA lava type, channel creation, surface crust formation, viscosity evolving with temperature, lava cooling and solidification over time.

Particle simulation

Complex particle systems are used for lava fountain and matter projection, such as lava bomb or lapilli. This forms various kinds of structures : cones, hornitos...

Cone created by particle simulation

Structures emerges from plane ground

Dynamic ground

The ground is also simulated as a flow, it is sculpted by lava and particles, geologic structures created by the simulation are very close to the existing ones.

Objects interactions

The lava can carry environment objects like rocks or trees, and heavy objects can deviate lava flow.

Eruptive cracks

From one to hundreds of meters, eruptive cracks can be tuned by choosing flow rate, pressure, lava temperature, incline, eruptive cycle...

Systemic approach

Everything is calculated in real-time, allowing to explore a great variety of situations.

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