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About the virtual reality experience

In LINFO.RE TV news - Aug 16 2015 :

“ Virtual reality appears as a birthday gift for the « Cité du Volcan » museum, thanks to him the public can live an eruption as if we were in front of the volcano ! ”

Weblink « Anniversaire de la cité du volcan »

In « Le Journal de l'Ile » - Aug 13 2015 :

“ The effect is stunning, immersion is total. ”

“ Above me, a beautiful starry sky and all around fragments of lava are perilously close. Suddenly, explosions from the erupting cone eject blocks that are thrown into the air. I try to protect myself with by arm from impacts and ricochets. ”

“ Now the lava is in front of me, at a few meters, that I feel able to touch it with the foot tip and hand. What I'm trying to do elsewhere. At this distance, I can observe the different details of these flows. That's wonderful. ”

Weblink « Vivez en direct une éruption volcanique »

About the volcano simulator

In « Le quotidien de la Reunion » - Nov 16 2014 :

“ ...we see three childs being extatic in front of the Lava flow they just created ! With fingertips they have chosen themselves the eruption location, on the south flank of the volcano. ”

“ Lava flows are particularly realistic and night vision is spectacular ! ”

Weblink « Simulez une éruption à la Cité du Volcan »

In « Le Journal de l'Ile » - Nov 15 2014 :

“ You can divert the lava flow, warming or cooling lava... watching the scene by day or night ... The flow follows with extreme precision the profile of the "Piton de la Fournaise" and each new "creation" can live several hours ! ”

“ will be surprise by the level of realism. Eruptive crack ended for example by focusing eruption on a single point to create a volcanic cone. You can also see rocks being carried away by a lava flow. ”

Weblink « La cité du volcan inaugure un simulateur d'éruptions »



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