Eruption in virtual reality

Immersed in a lava field in front of a volcano ! The user can controls eruptive activity (explosion, lava temperature). This scenario give a chance to experience an eruption as if you were standing in front of it, with close lava flow, explosions and rock projections ! The application is installed at the « Cité du volcan » museum on Reunion island.

Simulator inside Oculus Rift

You can watch here videos of the simulator as it appears in the Oculus VR. The video on the right can be directly watch with an Oculus Rift DK2 !


Original location

This scenario takes place in a real crater near the « Rosemont chapel », located on the slopes of the « Piton de la fournaise » volcano. The crater was recreated in 3D, and integrated in the simulator, allowing the lava to flow on the detailed ground. The eruption cone does not exist and was created by the simulation.

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